When someone tells me they aren't a dog person, all I hear is blah, blah, blah, I'm a psychopath.

If I were dictator of the world, people who stick in the left lane and don’t observe lane discipline would get ticketed and fined.

How to donate to make a difference in #Georgia’s Dec. 6 Senate Runoff Election! Raphael Warnock’s race is a critical one for the entire country and most especially for the people of Georgia.

Here’s a list of some of the many Georgia-based organizations that are doing critical runoff election work right now.

* 1000 Women Strong:
* Black Voters Matter:
* Democratic Party of Georgia:
* Democratic Party County Committees:
* Environ. Voter Project:
* Fair Fight Action:
* Georgia Alliance for Progress:
* Georgia Coalition for the People's Agenda:
* New Georgia Project:
* Power the Vote:
* Young Democrats of Georgia:


Hugely important outcome if you care about saving democracy from its still-relentless attackers.

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Adrian Fontes (D) wins the election for Arizona Secretary of State, defeating election denier Mark Finchem (R), @[email protected] projects.

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This is big.

Aguilar’s opponent had said “he would not have certified Joe Biden’s electoral victory had he been secretary of state — and that Nevada votes have not counted ‘for decades,’ because of a ‘cabal’ rigging elections.”

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PROJECTED: Democrat Cisco Aguilar is projected to win the Nevada secretary of state’s race.

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Whether it's a or anyone else who made a positive impact on your life, reach out and tell them before it's too late.

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, I honor the late Richard P. Petrizzi (US Army, WWII) whose LTE has been hanging above my desk since July 2008. It gave me courage through hate mail, rape threats. & research into dark topics. One of my deepest regrets is that I never told him when he was alive

Twitter lawyers: "He's out there operating without any decent restraint, totally beyond the pale of any acceptable human conduct. When you find the colonel, infiltrate his team by whatever means available, and terminate the colonel's command"

Almost 2 yrs since Trump’s attempted Coup
He nor any of his co-conspirators have been indicted
But we know:
FBI failed US
DOD & Pentagon failed US
Bill Barr’s DOJ failed US
@GOP failed US
Ask Garland & DOJ-
Will you fail US too?
Bravo @AshaRangappa_

If you're here on the Fediverse right now, you're probably experiencing shock.

You're coming to grips with ideas that were previously foreign to you: decentralization, federation, instances, etc.

This is intimidating -- probably even scary.

But while you might feel like a noob (and you are), you're also on the cutting edge of *the* biggest communications revolution in a generation!

In lieu of occupation, Russian army to buy blue check for Kherson

I am such a Twitteraholic, I have to remember to take a 💩 once in a while

Excited to be in Shytrr! A Nazi and Elon Musk free zone!


It's Twitter, but without that new owner smell.