Calling all Shytheads! (Thanks @TAsunder) I found this great page to try to link any of your Twitter followers to Mastodon accounts. All you need to do is put your shytrr account into your Twitter Profile (i.e. like this: @admin) and then go to this page:

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The page will ask you to connect via Twitter in a 'read only' mode which you can revoke later. Once you do that, it should try and find any of your followers/followees that have also put their Mastodon handle into their Twitter profile. It found three of my friends! Then you can search for them here and then follow them here. It's pretty easy. Just ask if you have any questions.

Correction: My shyt got munged. Add to your Twitter profile your handle like this (but without the spaces):

@ handle @

Here's the other profile matching site:
The first site I posted found three friends, this other site found zero. So for now, my vote is for

Here's another page that does the same thing, and it found all four of my Twitter friends:

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