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Religious freedom means you can practice the religion you want or no religion at all.

Religious freedom doesn't mean enforcing your beliefs on others.

You can choose your religion for yourself, but not all of us.

Why people worry DeSantis is an American Orban

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Whoa: A week before Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suspended state attorney Andrew Warren, DeSantis' staff prepared an internal memo weighing the "benefits" and "drawbacks" of the move.

One of the benefits?

"A leftist prosecutor is removed from a position of power."

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Hey, Siri! Show me how messed up food consumption, commuting, and land use have become on the North American continent in the 21st-century in a single shot.

Nice to see more friendly faces from Twitter showing up here.

People grumbling that #Mastodon is slow at the moment... You just turned up with 1 million people in a tiny, rural village and you're complaining there's a queue to get into the only tearoom, which is run by gay pensioners Babs & Maureen as a retirement hobby on Mons-Weds. Relax!

Disappointed, but not surprised to see privileged people fail to grasp the positive effects of Twitter communities and the connections built over ten years in some cases.

Looking for CT politicos and others to build a community that works like the old Twitter.


It's Twitter, but without that new owner smell.