@christianp @HankLloydRight are they on track to merge into the main branch of Mastodon, or is it a forever fork?

@christianp - how does one add LaTeX rendering to a Mastodon instance so it will correctl;y render federated toots from mathstodon.xyz? Cc:

@HankLloydRight @danwing @ayourtch @troisgalopins @testastretta I will mull creating an alternate persona. I still like my short handle, even if it makes me hard to find.

@dmm My instance can't render the math. What needs to be added? @HankLloydRight would want to know 🙂

@danwing @ayourtch @troisgalopins @testastretta Apparently, your handle needs to be at least 5 characters long to be searchable in the fediverse. Here I thought I was being clever. @HankLloydRight may have to help me change my handle, but I don't know if there is an easy way to do that without blowing up and starting over.

@HankLloydRight @troisgalopins @admin I'm sure I have something configured wrong - I'll let St. Lisa add color.

@troisgalopins Oh wait, UI error. Have to click the shyt to see a full thread,

@troisgalopins Since federated threading seems to be a crapshoot, I have no idea what this is a reply to.

@troisgalopins @testastretta @danwing

Because I have a deep seated need for unneeded, self-inflicted pain, I'm setting up on a small server and trying to understand the nature of federation on Mastodon. Sure, it would be SO EASY to get on the same server as my friends, but WHAT FUN IS THAT.

Looks like threads across federated servers are not managed. It's a richer experience if you are on the same server as your fellow tooters.

@_L1vY_ I am on shytrr.com, so every post is a shytpost.

Gmail sent the shyttr verification email to spam. But, happy to be here. Lemme try to connect my federated friends.


It's Twitter, but without that new owner smell.