Looks like threads across federated servers are not managed. It's a richer experience if you are on the same server as your fellow tooters.

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@Phil Ahem. You mean fellow shytrrs. Or fellow shytheads. Please. :)

@Phil uhm. What? I don’t understand the difference? 🤷🏼‍♀️

@troisgalopins Since federated threading seems to be a crapshoot, I have no idea what this is a reply to.

@troisgalopins Oh wait, UI error. Have to click the shyt to see a full thread,

@Phil wondering if there’s a setting or something? I’m not able to find you as easily as I can others on different sites. Something with the shytrr? 😂 I do love the name tho!

@Phil @troisgalopins @admin Otherwise, I'm not sure how it's working on other servers to find people on Shytrr. I think Shytrr would need to be added to some global directory of Mastodon servers. I'm not sure where that exists.

@HankLloydRight @troisgalopins @admin I'm sure I have something configured wrong - I'll let St. Lisa add color.

@troisgalopins @Phil If there are servers that can't reach Shytrr, let me know their domains, and I'll see if they are being blocked at a firewall.

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